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In 1986, the city of Geel (Belgium) asked the local bakery school to develop a product that would symbolise the city's compassion.

Not long afterwards, the school introduced a heart-shaped, almond butter biscuit, with a layer of marzipan in the middle. This heart-shaped biscuit is still made today and sold in almost every bakery in Geel. This heart forms the basis of the Coeurs d'Amour (hearts of love): A heart-shaped praline was born. This chocolate heart was only available at Patisserie Verlooy, Herwig Verlooy's bakery and pastry shop.

These chocolate hearts became a great success at his own shop. Other shops started to order them as well and production increased. Now, the Coeurs d'Amour are sold in other areas too. The next logical step would be to sell them in other countries... After all, hospitality doesn't know any border...
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